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“B&W Distributors is a first class supplier of the world’s highest quality corrosion control products. Since 1995, we have worked diligently to stay true to our personal goal: “Supply our customers with the best infrastructure repair and corrosion control products available.” By working with the most innovative and intelligent manufacturers in the world, B&W Distributors is able to bring a variety of industry products and applications to anyone seeking superior corrosion protection.”

Certified Indumar Suppliers

As experienced corrosion protection product suppliers, B&W Distributors carries five-star ratings across Google, Yelp, and Facebook. We have also received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau for our premier customer service, quality products, and consistent demonstration of integrity and knowledge. Our distributors stay diligent in developing relationships with the world’s best manufacturers to ensure that we always offer the highest quality products to our valued customers.

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Treat & Prevent Corrosion On Your Industrial Grade Equipment With Indumar

About Our Indumar Pipeline Repair Products

Premium Leak Seals For Pipe Leaking Problems

Since 1986, Indumar has been an industry leader by providing innovative solutions to leaking pipelines all over the world. Their Stop It line of pipe repair products contains specialty resins capable of providing superior, long lasting leak sealing and protection abilities no matter the climate, weather, or type of piping material present. From Refinery, Oil & Gas Production, Mining, Marine, Waste Water, and more, many industries across the world benefit from Indumar’s cost-effective solutions. Indumar knows that when it comes to leaking pipelines, time is money, so they have designed comprehensive solutions to keep your production up and running both safely and efficiently. Visit B&W Distributors today to learn more about Indumar products, or start browsing our selection online!

Top Rated Indumar Distributors Specialized In Different Solutions

Pipe Repair

Find comprehensive solutions to all your leaking pipeline and corrosion control needs at B&W Distributors. No matter your climate, we can help you get back up and running quickly!

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Protect the infrastructure of your production through comprehensive solutions from Indumar. Whether Marine, Mining, Refinery, or Oil & Gas, we have a quality infrastructure rehabilitation solution for you.

Corrosion Control

Constant exposure to harsh elements causes quick breakdown and damage. Protect your pipelines and buildings from corrosion with a high quality solution from Indumar, found at B&W Distributors.

Indumar Distributors Providing High Quality Industrial Solutions

Many industries throughout the world are constantly exposed to harsh elements such as saltwater, frigid air, moisture, and chemicals. Damage from this constante exposure halts production, slows distribution, and causes financial cutbacks. With high quality solutions from Indumar, production in your industry can be up and running again as efficiently as before with very little time lost. Indumar is a world leader in the production of superior corrosion control and leak sealing products. Available in a wide variety of applications, Indumar provides a long lasting solution for everyone. Whether you run a Mining, Pulp & Paper, Refinery, Oil & Gas, Marine, or Petrochemical production industry, Indumar is ready to provide comprehensive solutions to your corrosion and leaking issues.

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For The Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Improve the strength, reliability, and lifespan of your mining structure and equipment with sealants and repair systems from Indumar.

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For The Pulp and Paper Industry

Pulp & Paper Industry

Protect your Pulp and Paper production equipment from corrosion, breakdown, and damage with high quality solutions from Indumar!

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For Maritime Trade And Shipping Industry

Maritime Trade & Shipping Industry

Indumar provides a variety of products designed to protect your shipping equipment from corrosion and damage caused by constant exposure.

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For Offshore Oil & Gas Production

Offshore Oil & Gas Production

Oil and gas production equipment experiences intense exposure that causes corrosion and breakdown. Indumar has the key to solving these problems!

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For Refineries & Petrochemical Industry

Refineries & Petrochemical Industry

Prevent corrosion in your Refinery piping, pumps, and tanks with high quality sealant and protective layers from Indumar.

Indumar Products For Sale With Different Applications

Indumar specializes in providing composite solutions for pipe leak repair, rehabilitation, and restoration in a variety of industrial and infrastructure applications. Since their start in 1986, Indumar has provided comprehensive solutions for diverse industrial processes, environments, and geographies. Whether you need help with leak sealing, mechanical reinforcement, wear resistance, chemical resistance, and corrosion control, B&W Distributors has a solution for you.

Leak Repair & Spill Control

Indumar leak repair and spill control products provide rapid response solutions to most leaks or punctures.

Mechanical Reinforcement

Choose from a variety of customized repair and reinforcement products to strengthen and support your mechanical systems.

Wear Resistance

Indumar has created an abrasion and impact resistant product that strongly adheres to surfaces for superior resistance to environmental degradation.

Chemical Resistance

Let us customize a formula for exceptional flexibility, adhesion, toughness, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, vibration, and more to ensure durability.

Corrosion Control

Browse our Stop It line or the Viscotaq line of corrosion prevention coatings to find the perfect solution for corrosion control.

Our Clients’ Reviews

Indumar Distributors Serving Nationwide

What a great family owned business!! I am partial as their employee but their industry knowledge and business standards and ethics are unmatched! You won’t find a better business to work with and their product line is top notch and superior to other product lines.

Leah B. ★★★★★

Great experience! Our B&W Distributors representative took time to explain all the applications that would suit our needs. The company was extremely professional throughout the entire process, from the initial call to the completion of the project. Highly recommend.

Katherine J. ★★★★★

Very helpful. The person I talked to took the time to explain my options for the type of industry I’m working with. Their staff is friendly and easy to talk to. I 100% recommend them!

Andy G. ★★★★★

Licensed Indumar Distributors Near You

Experienced & Trustworthy Arizona Pipe Repair Product Distributors

B&W Distributors is proud to carry a longstanding professional relationship with Indumar. Our goal is to provide our customers with superior products at unbeatable rates, so they will always have a solution to their corrosion issues or leaks that occur. Contact us today to learn more about our Arizona pipe repair products or to tailor a solution to your unique needs.

Quick Response To Leaks, Cracks In Pipes, Drums & Tanks
Quickly Respond To Leaks, Cracks In Pipes, Drums & Tanks

At B&W Distributors, you will find rapid response solutions to leaks or punctures in your barrels, tanks, and pipelines.

Industrial Grade Products Made Of Durable & Strong Materials
Industrial Grade Products Made Of Durable & Strong Materials

Indumar’s repair systems are engineered with industrial equipment in mind. They are designed to last!

Indumar Products With Impact Resistance & Strong Adhesion To Surfaces
Products With Excellent Impact Resistance & Strong Adhesion To Surfaces

No matter your environment or industry, Indumar offers tailor-made solutions to ensure lasting corrosion control.

Corrosion Protection Coatings For Residential & Commercial Gas Meter Applications
Top Corrosion Protection Coating Products For Residential & Commercial Gas Meter Applications

With riser reinforcement and protection products, Indumar can re-strengthen any corroded pipe and protect it from future breakdown.

Why Choose Our Indumar Products

Affordable Solutions For All Pipe Leak & Corrosion Problems

Since 1986, Indumar has worked diligently to provide innovative, comprehensive repairs solutions for pipelines, tanks, pumps, and more in a variety of industrial settings. By investing in Indumar’s repair and remediation solutions, you will be able to maximize your performance and profitability through more efficient output. We know that production shuts down when mechanical systems are damaged, so B&W Distributors proudly offers a wide range of Indumar reinforcement and repair applications for rapid, reliable solutions. Visit B&W Distributors today to learn more about our inventory of Indumar products!

Indumar Provides Affordable Solutions For All Pipe Leak & Corrosion Problems

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