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“Since 1949 the Trenton Corporation has pioneered the development of petroleum, wax-based anticorrosion products. The products include a selection of Wax-Tape® brand anticorrosion wraps, Primers, Outerwraps and Hot-Applied Coatings that work to protect your resources.”
Trenton products are designed to provide long-lasting, effective anticorrosion protection for your resources, whether they are in rough seawater, underground, or in constant contact with harsh chemicals. Find a variety of Trenton Corporation products at B&W Distributors, and let our experts help you determine the best choice for your needs.

High Quality & Long-Lasting Anticorrosion Materials

At B&W Distributors, everything we do can be simplified by our motto: “Supply our customers with the best infrastructure repair and corrosion control products available.” Our family-owned business has been in operation since 1995 and works diligently to foster relationships with the world’s best manufacturers of specialty coatings, linings, sealants, and repair compounds. Our ultimate goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to virtually any repair situation. As experienced corrosion control product suppliers, B&W Distributors carries five-star ratings across the web and an A+ from the BBB for excellence, integrity, and reliability. Contact B&W Distributors, Inc. today to learn more!

Certified Trenton Corporation Suppliers For Wax-Tape Anticorrosion Wraps

Certified Trenton
Corporation Suppliers

Wax-Tape Anticorrosion Wrap Distributors

B&W Distributors, Inc. is proud to be a licensed distributor of Trenton Corporation products. We feel their design closely aligns with our company motto as they work with our ability to provide repair solutions for a variety of applications and harsh environments. Trenton Corporation designs and manufactures anticorrosion wax-tape wraps for above ground and below ground settings, with both hot-applied and cold-applied options. From pipeline protection to cable casing repairs, Trenton products provide an effective, lasting barrier against harsh pollutants. B&W Distributors is proud to be one of the few certified distributors of Trenton Corporation products, and our knowledgeable specialists are ready to answer your questions and provide the guidance you need as you choose a product to protect your resources.

5-Star Trenton Dealers Specialized In Different Solutions In AZ

Industrial Anticorrosion Wraps & Outerwraps

Trenton Wax Tape Brand anticorrosion wraps are highly effective and offer a unique ability to protect pipeline resources. They provide better protection than paint and require no surface preparation.

Hot-Applied Wax Coating Systems

We combine Hot Applied Wax and Guard Wrap to prevent corrosion in belowground metal structures. For over 50 years, Trenton Hot Wax has provided exceptional waterproofing benefits.

Highly Resistant Corrosion Control Products

With application of a Wax Tape wrap from Trenton Corporation, your structures will be protected by a conformable, soft covering that is easily compatible with many materials.

Trenton Suppliers Providing Professional
Industrial Solutions

Trenton Corporation has been in business since 1949, pioneering the development of petroleum, wax-based products. Each application is designed to provide incredible, long-lasting anticorrosion protection for a variety of environments above ground and below ground. Their products include Wax Tape brand wraps, Primers, Outerwraps, and Hot-Applied Coatings that can work together or alone to provide superior protection for your resources. Engineers at Trenton Corporation have worked diligently over the last several decades to continually improve and upgrade their products to ensure premier protection no matter the environment. As your resources and equipment upgrade, our protection does too! Trenton is partnered with B&W Distributors to ensure their products reach the largest range of clients possible worldwide.

Trenton Corporation Provides Quality Solutions For The Water and Wastewater Industry

Water & Wastewater Industry

Find a variety of Trenton Corporation products at B&W Distributors that protect against leaks, corrosion, and leeching to prevent contamination and loss of treated water.

Trenton Corporation Provides Quality Solutions For The Power and Energy Sector

Power & Energy Sector

Through Trenton Corporation products, you can find incredible surface protection for all types of equipment used in the power industry, essential to efficiency and productivity.

Trenton Corporation Provides Quality Solutions For The Maritime Trade And Shipping Industry

Maritime Trade & Shipping Industry

The hazards of shipping environments and harsh seawater can cause breakdown and crippling deterioration to your equipment without the right corrosion protection products from Trenton Corporation.

Trenton Corporation Provides Quality Solutions For The Refineries And Petrochemical Industry

Refineries & Petrochemical Industry

Find effective, lasting protection through Wax Wraps and other applications for radical environments that cause corrosion and breakdown at B&W Distributors. We have something for virtually every resource!

Trenton Corporation Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For Other Heavy Industrial Markets

Other Heavy Industrial Markets

Whether you have structures in mining, manufacturing, or pharmaceuticals, Trenton Corporation can provide the corrosion protection you need through wraps, primers, outer wraps, and more.

Trenton Products For Sale With Different Applications

When managing a resource in a perpetually harsh environment, it is vital to protect your investments of time and money. Trenton Corporation offers five main product categories with a variety of sub-products, each designed to provide intense, lasting anticorrosion protection for both above ground and below ground environments. Before choosing a product for your resource, it is vital to take time to understand the unique features and benefits of each. Whether you need Wax Tape brand wraps designed to protect both wet and irregular surfaces on pipelines, Primers that ensure complete adherence of Wraps and rust penetration, or a Hot Applied Wax Coating system manufactured to protect new service installations and weld cutbacks, there is something for everyone at Trenton Corporation.

Innercoat & Guardwrap

Prevent corrosion of belowground metal structures with waterproofing characteristics and a highly electrical resistant barrier.

MCO 110 Outerwrap

Choose from a variety of Outerwraps designed to provide further mechanical protection that currently exists.

Wax-Tape HT-3000

Get specially formulated protection for metal fixtures above ground and below ground in contact with higher than normal temperatures.

Riser Kits

Purchase custom-sized sections of ready-to-use, pre-cut coatings designed to provide resistance to UV, moisture, salt, and acid.

Patch-Pad Exothermic Weld Protector

Find versatile, lasting protection for pipelines and metal structures that provides flexibility, strong adhesion, and ease of use.

Temcoat 3000

A high temperature, wax-based primer compound that is melt-resistant and maintains spreadability at lower temperatures.

Wax-Tape #1

Wax Tape #1 provides non-firming corrosion protection and is compatible with materials such as steel, ductile iron, and PVC.

Wax-Tape #2

A self-firming wrap that is easy to apply, requires minimal surface preparation, and is compatible with other coatings.

Our Clients’ Reviews

Trenton Corporation Distributors Serving Nationwide

What a great family owned business!! I am partial as their employee but their industry knowledge and business standards and ethics are unmatched! You won’t find a better business to work with and their product line is top notch and superior to other product lines.

Leah B. ★★★★★

Great experience! Our B&W Distributors representative took time to explain all the applications that would suit our needs. The company was extremely professional throughout the entire process, from the initial call to the completion of the project. Highly recommend.

Katherine J. ★★★★★

Very helpful. The person I talked to took the time to explain my options for the type of industry I’m working with. Their staff is friendly and easy to talk to. I 100% recommend them!

Andy G. ★★★★★

Licensed Trenton Corporation Dealers Near You

When you need corrosion protection solutions, it is vital to have a distributor nearby that knows their products and is ready to help. At B&W Distributors, you will find a team of corrosion protection specialists who are intimately familiar with Trenton Corporation products and how they are applied in various situations and environments. Whether you are new to the industry or are seeking better protection for your investments, B&W Distributors is an excellent resource. Our entire inventory is available online, or you can visit a local corrosion prevention distribution center near you to browse products in person.

Trenton Corporation Provides Reliable Anti-Corrosive Wraps, And Primers

Reliable Anti-Corrosive Wraps & Primers

Choose from anticorrosion compounds that are an excellent option for filling voids on straight pipes, irregular fittings, and flat surfaces.

Trenton Corporation Provides Long-Lasting And Resistant Wax-Tape Products

Long-Lasting & Resistant Wax-Tape Products

Prevent atmospheric corrosion on above ground and below ground metal structures including bridge crossings, vaults, pipes, and more.

Trenton Corporation Provides Protection From Leaks And Cracks In Pipes And Metal Surfaces

Protection From Leaks & Cracks In Pipes And Metal Surfaces

Trenton Corporation offers a variety of Outerwraps designed to provide extensive mechanical protection in a variety of situations.

Trenton Corporation Provides Easy-To-Apply Wax Coatings And Casing Fillers

Easy-To-Apply Wax Coatings & Casing Fillers

Experience a combination of Hot Applied Wax Coatings and Guard Wrap for superior protection in pipeline reconditioning and field patching.

What Makes Trenton An Obvious Choice For Your Company’s Needs?

Cost-Effective Solutions For All Pipe Leak & Corrosion Problems

  • Minimal surface preparations
  • Ease of application and user friendly
  • Removable for inspection
  • Compatible with other coatings
  • No drying or curing time prior to backfill
  • Environmentally friendly and Noncarcinogenic
Cost-Effective Solutions For All Pipe Leak And Corrosion Problems With Trenton Corp

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