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Corrall Spills

SpillCorral™ rounds up fugitive fluids in industrial settings. The flexible berm is constructed of multiple proprietary urethane, with the contacting tacky surface providing adhesion and the upper body providing a flexible barrier.

SpillCorral™ is installed by firmly placing on any oil-free, flat surface. The bottom of the barrier forms a physically reversible bond to most surfaces, allowing the barrier to be reused.

SpillCorral™ provides a temporary solution to leaks and spills by diverting the flow of liquids away from drains and sensitive equipment or by retaining the fluid until it can be recovered. The 4 inch height of the barrier ensures that significant volumes can be retained. The 5 foot length and flexible character allows the barrier to be easily installed in a variety of geometries. Multiple sections can be connected to contain larger spills. These sections are assembled by simply mating the end connections found on each barrier.

Product ImageSpill Corral Spill Containment Product ImageSpill Corral Spill Containment

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Base Material: Proprietary urethane
Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 5’
Shipping Weight: 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Color: Safety orange
Units: 1 per box
Intended Use: Spill containment
Number of Uses: Multiple when cleaned and stored properly between uses.
Inspect before each reuse.
Containment Area: Variable, through connection of multiple barriers
Storage: Original box on protective release paper
Chemical Resistance: Excellent when used with hydrocarbons, mineral oil, lubricants,aqueous salt solutions
Avoid Use With: Inorganic acids, ketones, chlorinated solvents
Temperature Limits: Urethane stable to 220ºF