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“Induron has the right coatings solution to meet and exceed your needs for the corrosion protection of your assets and to provide a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Induron manufactures only the best protective coatings using the highest quality ingredients and quality control standards. Like some of their multinational competitors, Induron product line is diverse. Induron’s specialty is developing and manufacturing industry leading products, like our innovative ceramic modified industrial coatings, for markets including general corrosion protection, electrical transmission tower maintenance, industrial epoxy floor coating, specialty industrial finishes and potable water tank paint. Contact Induron Protective Coatings for assistance in selecting the right industrial coating and system and for the best expert advice in the paint and coatings industry.”

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As a family-owned company, B&W Distributors is dedicated to our motto, “Supply our customers with the best infrastructure repair and corrosion control products available.” Since our opening in 1995, we have worked diligently to foster lifelong relationships with the world’s best manufacturers of specialty coatings, linings, sealants, repair compounds, and corrosion control products. As experienced corrosion protection product suppliers, B&W Distributors proudly carries five-star ratings across Google, Yelp, Facebook, and The Blue Book, along with an A+ from the BBB for our integrity and superior service. Contact B&W Distributors today to consult with one of our experienced specialists.

Treat & Prevent Corrosion On Your Industrial Grade Equipment With Indumar

Leading Induron Pipeline Repair Products

Premium Leak Seals For Pipe Leaking Problems

Induron leads the corrosion control industry by providing some of the highest quality, most effective products available on the market today. Induron is personally invested in the success of their customers and their satisfaction, dedicated to providing the most environmentally friendly and quality products that will meet their corrosion control and pipeline repair needs. Featured with a wide variety of reputable advertisers including Forbest, JPCL, and The Huffington Post, Induron has manufactured a variety of corrosion control solutions for over seven decades. They are looking forward to being approved into the NSF Std 61 Health Effects Evaluation and Criteria for Chemicals in Drinking Water standard. Getting it right is not just what they do, but simply who they are. B&W Distributors is proud to partner with Induron.

5-Star Induron Distributors Specialized In Different Solutions In AZ

Pipe Repair

At Induron, you will find the best solution for all your pipe coating and lining needs. From iron sewers to the boring industry, Induron has the appropriate coating for you.

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Protect and enhance the infrastructure of your industry with high quality, protective linings and sealants from Induron. Visit B&W Distributors for help finding the perfect fit.

Corrosion Control

No matter how corrosive the environment, Induron has manufactured an effective, eco-friendly solution to ensure lasting protection and corrosion control for your piping and infrastructure.

Induron Distributors Providing Professional Industrial Solutions

It is no secret that many industries are in extremely harsh environments and quickly experience corrosion and breakdown. Whether the pipes and equipment are in saltwater, underground, exposed to chemicals, or in constant contact with harsh materials, breakdown and corrosion will quickly occur if long lasting protection is not provided. This is where Induron proudly steps in. With proven solutions that provide effective, long lasting protection against corrosion, your industrial equipment will last longer and work more efficiently. Choose from traditional workhorses such as high performance acrylics, epoxies, and polyurethanes, or consider one of the higher performing, industry leading coatings made from fluorourethane and polysiloxane. Your assets will experience both beauty and protection from corrosion, so contact B&W Distributors today to get started.

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For The Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Choose from Induron’s selection of primers and penetrating sealers designed specifically for touching up and protecting rusty steel mining equipment and hard-to-coat surfaces in tough conditions.

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For The Pulp and Paper Industry

Pulp & Paper Industry

Induron has manufactured a wide variety of user-friendly, corrosion resistant epoxy coatings and sealants designed to provide excellent protection in corrosive environments. Visit B&W Distributors to learn more.

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For Maritime Trade And Shipping Industry

Maritime Trade & Shipping Industry

If you are looking for unique solutions to protect carbon steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete, or other substrates from corrosion and chemical attack, Induron has the perfect application for you.

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For Offshore Oil & Gas Production

Offshore Oil & Gas Production

With user-friendly, two-component, chemical and corrosion resistant applications available for your offshore oil and gas production, Induron leads the industry in providing protective solutions for your equipment.

Indumar Provides High Quality Industrial Solutions For Refineries & Petrochemical Industry

Refineries & Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical and refinery industries are very harsh on equipment and pipelines. With a high quality application from Induron, your equipment will experience unmatched protection and long lasting corrosion prevention.

Induron Products For Sale With Different Applications

Introducing: The Next Generation Of Cementitious Epoxy Mortar

At B&W Distributors, you will find a wide variety of coating solutions designed to exceed your needs and provide corrosion protection of your assets. Each application has been formulated to offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance along with lasting protection. Dedicated to manufacturing only the best coatings with the highest quality ingredients and exceptional quality control standards, Induron offers one of the most diverse product lines in the industry. Their innovative ceramic modified industrial coatings are created for all types of markets including general corrosion protection, electrical transmission tower maintenance, industrial epoxy floor coatings, specialty industrial finishes, and potable water tank paint. Contact B&W Distributors today to be introduced to Induron’s innovative and unique industrial coatings, or for expert guidance choosing the correct application.

Permastic Polyurethane

A mastic coating crafted from high solids and high build, designed to provide corrosion protection for steel.

Perma-Gloss Fluorourethane

High performance, chemical and stain resistant coating for gloss retention in a low-VOC, OTC-II compliant finish.

Perma-Clean III

A corrosion resistant epoxy coating designed to provide superior protection to a variety of substrates in a corrosive environment.

Perma-Clean II High Gloss Epoxy

A modified epoxy formulated for unmatched protection of steel, masonry, and non-ferrous metals in corrosive environments.

Perma-Clean II Semi-Gloss Exopy

A high build coating with application designed to protect steel, concrete, masonry, wood, or drywall from chemical and corrosion attack.

Permasafe 100

A solvent free, immersion grade lining designed to provide maximum corrosion protection for steel and concrete immersed in sewage.

Perma-Clean 100

An epoxy lining designed to provide enhanced edge protection for corrosion protection on corners or sharp angles.


The ideal solution for anyone seeking unmatched, low permeability protection for steel and concrete immersed in potable water.


A fast dry, rust preventative primer designed to provide exceptional corrosion resistance for carbon steel and cast iron.


An innovative product with low moisture vapor permeability, low maintenance, and protection against reactive metals and isocyanates.

E-bond 100

A low viscosity, two component epoxy formulated to lockdown and seal substrates in a variety of harsh environments.

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What a great family owned business!! I am partial as their employee but their industry knowledge and business standards and ethics are unmatched! You won’t find a better business to work with and their product line is top notch and superior to other product lines.

Leah B. ★★★★★

Great experience! Our B&W Distributors representative took time to explain all the applications that would suit our needs. The company was extremely professional throughout the entire process, from the initial call to the completion of the project. Highly recommend.

Katherine J. ★★★★★

Very helpful. The person I talked to took the time to explain my options for the type of industry I’m working with. Their staff is friendly and easy to talk to. I 100% recommend them!

Andy G. ★★★★★

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Experienced & Trustworthy Arizona Pipe Repair Product Distributors

For many years, B&W Distributors has worked tirelessly to foster professional, lifelong relationships with industry-leading manufacturers throughout the world. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, most effective corrosion control and pipe repair products on the market, at a price you cannot find anywhere else. Our dedication to our customers and exceptional customer service have earned our licensed suppliers a solid reputation for being the #1 choice in the corrosion control industry. Visit our expert distributors today for solid guidance, thorough information, and professional assistance finding the ideal corrosion protection solution for your needs.

Quick Response To Leaks, Cracks In Pipes, Drums & Tanks
Quickly Respond To Leaks, Cracks In Pipes, Drums & Tanks

When Hairline cracks and leaks cannot wait, B&W Distributors provides industry-leading solutions from worldwide manufacturers.

Industrial Grade Products Made Of Durable & Strong Materials
Industrial Grade Products Made Of Durable & Strong Materials

Choose from a diverse line of exceptional, innovative applications designed to protect your assets from corrosion and breakdown.

Indumar Products With Impact Resistance & Strong Adhesion To Surfaces
Products With Excellent Impact Resistance & Strong Adhesion To Surfaces

No matter the environment or surface, B&W Distributors has an application designed exactly for your needs.

Corrosion Protection Coatings For Residential & Commercial Gas Meter Applications
Corrosion Protection Coating Products For Residential & Commercial Gas Meter Applications

Find effective, long lasting protection against corrosion for your gas meter applications in residential and commercial settings.

Why Choose Our Induron Products

Cost-Effective Solutions For All Pipe Leak & Corrosion Problems

Whether your assets are in mining, offshore refineries, the petrochemical industry, oil and gas production, maritime trade and shipping, or the paper industry, B&W Distributors carries a diverse line of products from the world’s leading manufacturers of corrosion control and pipe protection products. Our expert suppliers are knowledgeable about the products we offer and are prepared to help you find the best solution for your specific needs. When you need innovative, long lasting protection, visit B&W Distributors to get started. We look forward to serving you.

Indumar Provides Affordable Solutions For All Pipe Leak & Corrosion Problems

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