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Canusa-CPS is a forerunner in developing and manufacturing of specialty pipeline coating products and systems to protect against corrosion of pipeline joints.

Protect Your Pipelines With Canusa-CPS
Specialty Pipeline Coatings

You want the best protection for your pipelines. Canusa-CPS has been around since 1966 and they are an industry leader when it comes to making coatings that will keep your pipelines safe and clean. They seal the pipeline and prevent corrosion, which can cause leaks. If you install pipelines, Canusa-CPS’ pipeline coatings are a must, and B&W Distributors has it for the best rates.

Certified Canusa-CPS Suppliers Near You

Certified Canusa-CPS Suppliers Near You

We have every type of Canusa-CPS product needed in the industry, and our prices are very reasonable. Whatever your situation, we can help you. Get high-performing pipeline coatings ranging from heat shrink systems to liquid coatings. Keeping the integrity of your pipeline is extremely important and you will be able to get them from us. If you have any questions, talk to our knowledgeable workers – they will point you in the right direction.

Rehabilitate Industrial Grade Pipelines With Our Canusa-CPS Products

Because industrial-grade pipelines are in constant use, quality protection and regular maintenance are a must. Canusa-CPS products can provide corrosion protection and extreme temperatures, among many other things. Contact us at B&W Distributors to get the additional defense that will help rehabilitate your pipelines. We have a very large variety of Canusa-CPS products and you will certainly find the ones that you need. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our experienced staff knows exactly what each of these products are capable of doing and can tell you which ones will suit your company’s necessities the most.

Rehabilitate Industrial Grade Pipelines With Our Canusa-CPS Products
Canusa Field-Applied Pipeline Coatings For Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

Canusa Field-Applied Pipeline Coatings For Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

It is critical that the pipelines in the oil & gas industry be protected from corrosion, since oil and gas leakage are not only dangerous to the environment and can be catastrophic, especially if there is an explosion, but just a small leak can cause thousands if not millions worth in losses. Canusa-CPS products can keep your company’s pipeline protected from these problems. We can get you these products and you won’t have to strain your company’s budget to purchase them. Contact us today at B&W Distributors and help keep your pipelines in excellent shape.

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Canusa Products Will Help You
Prevent Erosion & Corrosion

Whether your pipelines suffer from the wear and tear of constant use throughout the years, or due to the chemical reaction of the products they transport, Canusa-CPS provides military-grade protection for pipelines used in any type of industry.

Maintain Your Pipelines’ Strength,
Life Span & Reliability

Even with regular maintenance, the weather, pressure, salinity, or even just time can wear your pipelines down. Canusa-CPS specialized product lines will extend their lifetime for a good amount of time and protect your gassy or liquid assets.

Solvent-Free Polymeric Materials To Protect
Pipes, Valves & Structures

Canusa-CPS’ Polymeric Materials provide added protection for steel pipelines against corrosion. You can apply this to various parts of your pipeline and not have to worry about outside factors like weather and corrosion affecting your assets.

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Choose From A Wide Variety Of Canusa-CPS Products

At B&W Distributors, we know how many things are needed to protect pipes from getting damaged. That is why we carry so many different Canusa-CPS products. Find the ones that work best for you and rest assured that the prices will be quite reasonable.

AquaShield Corrosion Protection For Industrial Water Pipelines
Aquashield Corrosion Protection For Industrial Water Pipelines

Water can quickly damage pipes that are not protected properly. Fortunately, AquaShield can protect your pipes from things like corrosion. The result is a longer-running pipeline.

Canusa Coat Specialty Copolymer Adhesives
Canusa Coat Specialty
Copolymer Adhesives

Your pipes will be protected by three layers of adhesives. This way, corrosion will be kept at bay for quite a long time. Contact us at B&W Distributors to learn more.

Canusa Coat Wire Fillers, Cable Fillers & Industrial Sealants
Canusacoat Wire Fillers, Cable Fillers & Industrial Sealants

If you work in the seismic industry, this is the preferred adhesive. You want to have your wires stay where they are supposed to, and we have the Canusa-CPS Coat fillers available.

DDX & TBK Directional Drilling Heat Shrink Systems
DDX & TBK Directional
Drilling Heat Shrink Systems

Are you using directional drilling applications? You want to get Canusa’s DDX and TBK systems that will protect your PP, PE, and FBE pipelines.

GTS-PP Field-Applied 3LPE & 3LPP System
GTS-PP Field-Applied 3LPE
& 3LPP System

Do you have buried, exposed, or offshore pipelines? You want Canusa-CPS’ Global Transmission Sleeve, or GTS. It will protect those pipelines from corrosion.

Canusa Overpipe Underground Pipeline Protection Plates
Canusa Overpipe Underground Pipeline Protection Plates

Canusa-CPS has protection plates that are far more environmentally sound than concrete slabs. They are lightweight, able to withstand 32 tons of pressure from an excavator and. are reusable.

WrapidBond Corrosion Protective Coating
WrapidBond Corrosion
Protective Coating

This looks like masking tape, but it is far more protective and is easy to apply by spiral wrapping the pipe that you want to protect. It keeps both water and oxygen out. The adhesive is high-tack.

WrapidShield Polyethylene Rock Shield & FiberGlass System
WrapidShield Polyethylene Rock Shield & FiberGlass System

Are your pipes in an area where there is a lot of rocky backfill material or offshore lay barge rollers? This adds a layer of protection on top of anti-corrosion coatings, since it minimizes the impact of those materials.

HBE Directional Drilling & High Temperature Liquid Coating
HBE Directional Drilling & High Temperature Liquid Coating

This Canusa-CPS product is liquid epoxy that coats your field joint girth welds when they are doing their directional drilling pipeline construction. It provides gouge resistance, tensile elongation, and ease of build. It can withstand up to 203 degrees F.

Other Factory Grade Polyethylene & Polypropylene Repair Products
Other Factory Grade Polyethylene & Polypropylene Repair Products

Canusa-CPS’ products offer top of the line adhesion and shear resistance, even at high temperatures. You can get Factory Grade CRP-PE or CRP-PP, depending on your needs.

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Certified Industrial Safety Providers

B&W Distributors is an awesome family owned business and their representatives know exactly what they’re talking about. Not only that, but you just get the feel that they operate with integrity and a high standard of ethics. I couldn’t be happier with the products they suggested for us.

Kristen B. ★★★★★

Really friendly staff that’s great to work with. They’ve been so professional throughout the entire process and helpd us figure out what kinds of coatings we needed for our pipelines. We got great support from them and couldnt be happier with how attentive they were. Awesome company. Family owned. Ethical. Honest. Great choice!

Katherine J. ★★★★★

We spoke briefly with a few different companies on how well they could meet our needs and B&W Distributors was by far the best option! They’re family owned, have an excellent product line, have great industry knowledge, and are super friendly. So glad we found them and look forward to a long lasting professional relationship.

Mark G. ★★★★★

High-Performance Coatings And Innovative Solutions


Engineered Polymers

The people at Canusa-CPS specifically engineered these polymers so that they will work for custom high performance applications. You can choose from a variety, including copolymers, fillers, and mastics. They will provide excellent adhesion, among other things. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us at B&W Distributors.

This is designed so that the pipe substrate will bond to the top coat of the coat. They have high shear strength and require low installation temperatures. These copolymers are in pellet form.

These are excellent for either wires or cables. They are single-component adhesives that will work with applications all over the world, including the seismic industry and the heat shrink tubing industry.

Companies have been using the adhesive sealers Canusa-CPS makes for over three decades. These mastics are best used for corrosion protection in two-layer polyethylene coated pipelines.


Liquid Coatings

Canusa-CPS bills these as the world’s best liquid coating systems. There are a variety of them to choose from depending on your needs. Those needs could range from requiring them to withstand high temperatures to wanting ones that work best for offshore work to those that protect against abrasion. Ask us at B&W Distributors if you have any questions.

This two-component epoxy will work with pipelines all over the world. It can withstand temperatures as high as 302 degrees F and still perform well. This protects pipeline field joint girths, valves and fittings. It is environmentally friendly.

When you get this, you are getting a heavy-duty liquid system that is abrasion resistant. It protects fusion bond epoxy coated mainline pipe. It uses one of the toughest minerals in the world to act as armor.

The CW here means Cold Weather. It is designed to withstand cold temperatures as low as -4°F or -20°C. Use this on bare steel and it helps in a variety of conditions, including holiday repair on FBE coated mainline piping.

Use this epoxy to protect field joint girth welds while directional drilling is going on. This will protect against gouging, and tensile elongation. It can either be applied via spray or brushed on and it is very environmentally friendly.

This liquid epoxy is meant to withstand high temperatures. Hence the HT. If your pipelines run at high temperatures, this is the one for you. It performs well at temperatures as high as 302°F (150°C). You can spray it on or brush it on.

The OS here means Offshore. It was designed for the offshore marketplace and withstands force curing at high build thicknesses. It has fastest offshore cycle times and it can withstand temperatures up to 248°F (120°C). It can be sprayed on or brushed on.


Heat Shrink Systems

The world is a big place and it can be subject to many different weather conditions. Parts of it can be blazingly hot and other parts can reach numbingly cold conditions. Our heat shrink systems from Canusa-CPS will keep things flowing no matter what.

You want this if you have a lot of external mechanical loads, since this offers mechanical protection thanks to their adhesive technology. It is also easy to install.

GTS stands for Global Transmission Sleeve and you need this to protect buried wires and offshore pipelines. It is high performance and the application procedure is easy.

Whether you have offshore or onshore applications, you want this mastic-based heat shrinkable system that is suited for Fast and Flexible installations. They are cost-effective.

If you want to protect your welded joints during directional drilling or from pull-through forces, these are the systems to get. They both protect against corrosion.

There are a variety of these heat-shrinkable sleeve products that will protect water pipelines from corrosion. They have a cross-linked polyolefin backing and an adhesive that is heat-activated.

This wraparound product offers protection against corrosion and offers long-term adhesion and mechanical protection for subsea pipelines. You can preheat it at low temperatures and the installation is easy.

Factory Grade

3-Layer Coating Technology

There are three layers for this Canusa-CPS line of products. They allow them to withstand heat, water, and the cold. They are easy to apply to existing pipes and can be spiral-wrapped around them. Contact us at B&W Distributors if you have any questions.

These products work just as well as the ones that are applied in the factory. Get these if you want excellent adhesion and shear resistance even if the pipeline operates at high temperatures.

This offers the same protection as the factory-applied coating. Use this on the joints of your pipeline. If you have any questions, ask us at B&W Distributors.

Canusa-CPS has created the first joint coating technology that uses the same material as the 3LPE factory coating. You don’t need high installation temperatures and it is easily repeatable.


Insulated Pipe Systems

You want your pipelines to keep working no matter the weather conditions. If it gets too cold out, you don’t want the material flowing through it to freeze. That could be bad on many different levels. We have Canusa-CPS products to ensure that won’t happen.

These keep the stress of soil off of the joints of your pipeline. That way, they will be able to withstand those stresses for far longer than if they did not have them.

These are designed to prevent corrosion (INR-110) and protect the sealing of insulation. They are operator friendly and will keep your pipeline functioning.

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