Refineries Industry Solutions


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Of all the problems that could affect a Petrochemical Refinery, corrosion is the one that is most challenging. The environment in a Refinery is a complex liquids and gases interface characterized by temperature fluctuations and chemical reactions. This activity is bound to take its toll on piping, pumps, tanks and other vessels.

We work closely with Chemical and process engineers to offer linings and repair materials for the protection of components used in and around refineries and the petrochemical industry.

  • Safety Surfacing Systems
  • Internal Wall Coatings
  • Primary and Secondary Containment
  • Tank Chime Protection and Repair
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings
  • Chemical Protection Sealants
  • Anti-Corrosion Systems
  • Ceramic Lining Systems
  • Temperature Resistant Materials
  • Metal and Rubber Repair Systems
  • Concrete Repair Materials
  • Floor Coatings and Screeds