AS-150 HAPS Free is a single component, epoxy ester non-slip floor and deck coating designed for application in areas of heavy pedestrian grade traffic. This light duty safety coating is both easy and fast to apply and offers optimum adhesion to metal concrete and wood surfaces with the appropriate primer. AS-150 HAPS Free is usable after two years in storage in unopened containers. A partially used container may be resealed and saved for future use. AS-150 HAPS Free is fire retardant in the cured state. It resists gasoline, oil, acids, alkaline and aliphatic solvents.

Available Colors: Gray, Black, Safety Yellow and two tint bases.

AS-150 Epoxy non-slip flooring-heavy traffic

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AS-150 Data Sheet

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Color: Gray, Black, Safety Yellow and a White & Neutral Tint Base
Unit Size: 1 & 5 Gallon