Steps To Follow For A Successful Pipe Coating

What Is The Process Of Pipe Coating?

Pipeline coatings are a cost-effective and innovative solution that protects the integrity of pipelines across various industries and manufacturing fields. Pipeline coating products can provide comprehensive protection from the damaging effects of corrosion, rust, and exposure to the elements. In most cases, these world-class repair and protection solutions are applied to the interior of each pipe, depending on its location and what materials are being transported through the piping. Pipeline coating products from your US Southwest pipeline corrosion protection products distributor are recognized as reliable standard for protecting pipelines from damage by hundreds of industries and corporations across the world.

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What Is A Pipeline Coating?

Pipeline coatings from a US Southwest industrial coating supplier are innovative chemical solutions that protect pipelines from corrosion and other types of damage. They are commonly applied to the interior of pipes to protect the piping from chemicals, acids, gases, and other solutions that will be transported inside the pipe. Although corrosion can be removed from pipes, it’s not a practical or cost-effective solution for most applications and the disposal process can be harmful to the environment.

Pipeline coatings offer many advantages:

  • Improving the flow of liquids as the interior surface of the pipeline is smooth and conducive to fast flow
  • Minimizing the cost of compression and pumping to keep materials moving through the pipeline
  • Reduces the need for inhibitors and promotes the clean delivery of the product as it travels through the pipeline
  • Requires extremely low maintenance once it has been properly applied to the piping
  • Trustworthy protection against corrosion for a wide variety of chemicals and products

No matter what material or chemical will be transported through your piping, you can be sure that your US Southwest industrial coating supplier can recommend a product that will meet your needs and offer complete protection for your pipeline.

How Do I Successfully Apply A Pipe Coating Product?

In order to successfully apply a pipe coating product and obtain optimal results, it’s imperative to follow the instructions from the manufacturer and your US Southwest pipeline corrosion protection products distributor.

Pipe preparation is essential for the pipe coating to adhere the surface of the pipe and offer complete protection against corrosion. This means that careful attention must be given to each phase of the cleaning and preparation process. Protect the pipe ends with end caps before beginning any blast cleaning or other cleaning methods.

Then follow these steps for successful pipe coating application:

  • Clean the interior of each pipe with an abrasive solution to prepare it for product application.
  • Wash the pipes and allow them to dry thoroughly.
  • Preheat the pipes to maintain their strength and shape.
  • Bring the pipes up to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Coat the pipes with heating powder.
  • Apply an adhesive spray to aid the bonding of the heating powder.
  • Apply the pipe coating product according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Remove the pipes from the heat.
  • Allow the pipe coating product to cure, which may take hours or days depending on the product that has been applied.
  • Give each pipe a final inspection to verify that the pipe coating solution has been adequately and consistently applied across the entire pipe.
  • Store the pipes per the manufacturer’s instructions until they can be installed.

The pipe coating process should be carefully regulated with multiple stages of testing, inspection, and quality control to ensure that each pipe is coated correctly before any chemicals or other solutions will flow through it. This can include the use of technology such as infrared detection monitoring, careful monitoring of the application process, and multiple party verification of each step.

Your US Southwest pipeline corrosion protection products distributor can offer guidance and specific instructions for your specific pipeline coating product based on their expertise and experience from many years in the industry.

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