What Are The Best Floor Coating Options For The Food Industry?

Top Flooring Solutions For Your Food Company

The food industry demands high-quality flooring options to avoid health issues and other dangerous situations for the staff and the general public. Some flooring options like epoxy offer superior slip and chemical resistance. Nevertheless, this is only one of the best options for a food industry business.

A US Southwest industrial epoxy distributor will share below the best floor coating options for the food industry so you can have a better idea of what to select when working in this business.

loor Coating Options For The Food Industry

The Importance Of A Good Coating For Food Industry Flooring

Like many other modern industries, the food processing industry is subject to government rules. Maintenance supervisors in the food processing sector make sure that the government’s health standards are met. 

If certain foods are not treated properly, they can contain harmful substances, which can have some negative consequences on your health. One of the reasons fast-food establishments and restaurants place a high priority on sanitation procedures is that they see safety precautions as an essential component of their business.

Some food byproducts regularly fall to the ground when working in the food processing industry. Some of them are fatty acids, oils, blood, sugar, and even chemicals. 

All building areas, including the floor, must be clean for the food processing industry. The health department regularly inspects these requirements to verify that they are updated.

The Most Important Flooring Elements In the Food Industry

Having the proper flooring installed can significantly improve safety in all areas. Some of the most important components in food processing facilities are:

  • Protecting the concrete base against issues including cracking, peeling, and bubbling, all of which provide a trip risk. 
  • In a wet environment, producing traction for a continual flow of pedestrian and vehicular activity.
  • To resist thermal stress, especially in cold climates.
  • Keep the environment as hygienically and as cleanly as possible.

Why Is Flooring Important In The Food Industry?

Having the right floor area is crucial to ensure that the site can operate hygienically, safely, and efficiently in the long run.

Flooring is the foundation upon which all the equipment is kept and all the staff moves. Our  US Southwest industrial epoxy distributor always mentions that flooring is essential in any industry, but unfortunately, some people ignore it. 

You should never ignore your flooring as it can lead to hazardous microorganisms entering the area and infecting any item on the way.

Best Floor Coating Options For The Food Industry

From epoxy coatings to MMA, check our list below to know the basic information about each flooring option, including their benefits and uses.

Epoxy Flooring For Beverage & Food Plants

The FDA and USDA have approved numerous epoxy flooring solutions for food and beverages. Most of them give great heat, cold, and scratch resistance, as well as aesthetic freedom.

Epoxy floor coatings are an excellent choice for food and beverage manufacturers who work with chemicals, alkalis, and severe heating and cleaning operations. These food processing floor coatings are also quick-drying and a fantastic choice if you need as little downtime as possible in your production business.

Epoxy is also an excellent choice if you want the most slip-resistance surface for your staff. Many food industry plants require special flooring to avoid accidents, and epoxy coatings are the way to go. 

Be sure to find the best product for your business. That’s only possible by contacting a reliable US Southwest industrial epoxy distributor.

Urethane Flooring Systems For Food & Beverage

Many plants prefer urethane food and beverage flooring solutions because of their durability and high-heat resistance. They outlast vinyl ester floor paints and epoxy floor coatings in terms of surface durability and ease of cleaning.

Many meat and poultry companies have begun to use urethane flooring because it is easy to install, dries quickly, resists scratches, and are practically odorless. Within 6 hours of installation, a urethane floor coating is fully cured and ready for use.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Floor Coatings For Food & Beverage

The best thing about using MMA floor coatings for food processing is that they are extremely resilient in cold temperatures and are nearly odorless. Lager-specific beverage companies are drawn to MMA because it can withstand the high temperatures needed for the drink’s chilling process. 

Polyurea Food & Beverage Floor Coatings

Impact resistance is probably the most valuable feature of polyurea. Its anti-bacterial qualities and adaptability over a variety of substrates are attractive to food and beverage operations, particularly meat packaging and heavy-duty food processing businesses. 

Moreover, polyurea food and beverage floor coatings adhere to ANSI-NSF 61 and USDA regulations for food preparation. They are also easy to install. 

Finding A US Southwest Industrial Epoxy Distributor

Epoxy floor coverings are a good choice for high-protection areas in food processing plants, such as packing, maintenance, and staff breaks, as well as corridors, lobbies, and workspaces.

If you are looking for more information about epoxy coatings, contact B&W Distributors, Inc. via phone or website. We’ll be glad to assist you

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