Wax-Tape® #2

Self-Firming Anticorrosion Wrap

Wax Tape #2 Covered Pipe

Wax-Tape® #2 anticorrosion wrap has a proven history over three decades of successful field applications. It is used with Trenton primers, profiling mastics and outerwraps to create the Trenton Wax-Tape® System.

The Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wrap system is particularly effective in situations where it is difficult to abrasion blast.

Trenton Wax-Tape® #2 anticorrosion wrap is unique in that it is soft and pliable then firms up to form a long-lasting, highly effective protective coating. The wrap is composed of microcrystalline waxes, plasticizers, corrosion inhibitors and other ingredients saturated into a nonwoven, nonstitch bonded synthetic fabric. There are no siliceous mineral fillers.

Trenton Wax-Tape® Primer or Temcoat™ Primer is required prior to applying the Wax-Tape wrap. The primer acts as a surface conditioner by filling the pores of the metal, penetrating any rust and displacing any moisture. Trenton Fill-Pro™ profiling mastic can be used to fill in large voids. For further mechanical protection, Trenton MCO™ moisture- cured outerwrap is available.


  • Quick and easy to apply, with minimal equipment requirements
  • Readily conforms to irregularly shaped surfaces
  • Requires minimal surface preparation (SSPC SP2 or ISO St2)
  • Can be applied over wet surfaces at “in-service” temperatures
  • No cure time, so ready for immediate backfill after application
  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, low Volatile Organic Components (VOCs)
  • May be used aboveground or belowground (UV resistant)
  • Resistant to acid, salts, and other soil organics over a wide range of pH
  • High dielectric strength
  • Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment
  • Compatible with most other coatings
  • Can be painted after firming up
  • Cost effective, especially considering it does not require abrasion blasting and is much longer lasting than paint

Typical Applications:

  • Aboveground pipe
  • Belowground pipe
  • Bridge spans
  • Irregular surfaces such as valves or fittings
  • Structural steelwork
  • Areas where blasting or painting may be impractical

Application Procedures:

  • Wire brush and scrape the surface clean of dirt, loose coating and loose rust.
  • Apply a thin film of primer. If the surface is wet, cold or rusty, further rub and press on the primer to displace moisture and ensure adhesion.
  • With a downward-facing starting point, wrap on Trenton Wax-Tape® #2 wrap, using a 1” overlap. On straight pipe, apply slight tension to ensure contact with surface. On irregular surfaces, allow slack so the wrap can be molded into conformity. In either case, press and form the wrap so there are no air pockets or voids under the it. Also, press and smooth out the lap seams to ensure they are sealed.
  • After wrapping, rub the entire surface of the wrap to remove any air bubbles and to smooth the surface. Press the overlap seams to ensure they are sealed and tapered, especially on each end of the wrap application.
  • Wax-Tape® #2 wrap does not require curing or drying time, so it can be backfilled immediately.
  • If ambient work site temperatures are below 50°F, keep the wrap warm before application.
  • For belowground pipes that are 10” or larger, apply a Trenton outerwrap, such as MCO Outerwap. For aggressive soil conditions, a Trenton outerwrap, a rock shield, or select backfill should be considered.

Wax-Tape® #2 anticorrosion wrap rolls are packed in cardboard cartons, approximately 35 lb (15.8 kg)/case.
2” x 9’ (5 cm x 2.7 m) rolls (48 rolls/case)
4” x 9’ (10 cm x 2.74 m) rolls (24 rolls/case)
6” x 9’ (15 cm x 2.7 m) rolls (16 rolls/case)
6” x 18’ (15 cm x 5.5 m) rolls (8 rolls/case)
9” x 18’ (23 cm x 5.5 m) rolls (6 rolls/case)
12” x 18’ (31 cm x 5.5 m) rolls (4 rolls/case)


Color: Brown, aluminum, white *
Thickness: 70 – 90 mil (1,8 – 2,3 mm)
Dielectric strength: 170 V/mil (6,7 kV/mm)
Application temp.: 0 – 110°F (-17 – 43 °C)
Operating temp.: -50 – 140°F (-45 – 60 °C)
Saturant pour point: 115 – 125°F (51.6 – 57.2 °C)

Trenton Wax-Tape #2 anticorrosion wrap meets AWWA C217 2016 standards

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