Wax-Tape® #1

Non-Firming Anticorrosion Wrap

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Used primarily belowground, this wrap remains pliable and offers excellent value.

Trenton Wax-Tape® #1 anticorrosion wrap resists corrosion on belowground pipe, including wet and irregular surfaces. It requires no waiting time or drying time, can be backfilled immediately and is compatible with cathodic protection. Trenton Wax-Tape #1 wrap is user friendly, contains no VOCs, is nontoxic, nonhazardous and noncarcinogenic. It provides excellent protection for a variety of applications, including couplings, valves, fittings, weld cutbacks and exothermic welds.

Trenton’s Wax-Tape® #1 wrap provides long-lasting protection and is compatible with many types of materials such as steel, ductile iron and PVC.

The Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wrap system is particularly effective in situations where it is difficult to abrasion blast. In addition, if any of the fittings need to be accessed, Trenton Wax-Tape wrap is easily removed. Then replacement wrap is just as easily applied.

Consider Total Costs:
Trenton Wax-Tape wraps are very cost-effective, especially when the total cost of the project is taken into consideration.
Operator Training
The Trenton Wax-Tape anticorrosion wrap system requires minimal operator training because it is easy to apply and the wrap can be repositioned after it is placed on the pipe.
Required Equipment
No special spray equipment or heating devices are required — only a wire brush.
Surface Preparation
No sand blasting or powered wire brushing is necessary. Using a wire brush by hand to remove loose dirt and rust is all that is required. The surface can even be wet.
Application Conditions
No need to wait until the temperature is warm enough or dry enough. The crew is always working.
Cost of Materials
Trenton Wax-Tape wraps require only a 1-inch overlap for standard service conditions, creating a more cost-effective application when compared to other systems.
Time before Backfill
With no curing time required, Trenton Wax-Tape wrap applications can be immediately backfilled, adding up to major savings in crew time.
Length of Service
Wax is inert and does not degrade over time, so Wax-Tape wraps offer very long service. Long after a paint coating needs to be again abrasion blasted and re-painted, Trenton Wax-Tape wraps continue to protect.

Wax-Tape® #1, #2 and HT-3000 anticorrosion wraps are composed of microcrystalline waxes, plasticizers, corrosion inhibitors and other ingredients (no clay fillers) saturated into a nonwoven, nonstitch bonded synthetic fabric, forming a tape wrapper. They also contain no siliceous mineral fillers.

End Use:
For application on aboveground and belowground metal surfaces, pipe or fittings to prevent corrosion.

Application Procedures:
For all Wax-Tape wraps, wire brush and scrape the surface clean of dirt, loose coating and loose rust. Apply a thin film of primer. If the surface is wet, cold or rusty, rub and press on primer to displace moisture and ensure adhesion. Then wrap the Wax-Tape wrap, using a 1” overlap. On straight pipe, apply slight tension to ensure contact with surface. On irregular surfaces, allow slack so the wrap can be molded into conformity. In either case, press and form the tape so there are no air pockets or voids under the tape. Also, press and smooth out the lap seams to ensure they are sealed. The tape does not require curing or drying time, so it can be backfilled immediately. For belowground pipes that are 10” or larger, apply a Trenton outerwrap. For aggressive soil conditions, a Trenton outerwrap, a rock shield, or select backfill should be considered. For aboveground applications of Wax-Tape HT-3000 wrap, Trenton MCOTM Outerwrap is recommended.

Wax-Tape #1 and #2 wrap rolls are packed in cardboard cartons, approximately 35 lb (15.8 kg)/case.
2” x 9’ (5 cm x 2.7 m) rolls (48 rolls/case)
4” x 9’ (10 cm x 2.7 m) rolls (24 rolls/case)
6” x 9’ (15 cm x 2.7 m) rolls (16 rolls/case)
6” x 18’ (15 cm x 5.5 m) rolls (8 rolls/case)
9” x 18’ (23 cm x 5.5 m) rolls (6 rolls/case)
12” x 18’ (31 cm x 5.5 m) rolls (4 rolls/case)


Color: Brown
Thickness (when cured): 70 – 90 mil (1.8 – 2.3 mm)
Dielectric strength: 236 V/mil (9.2 kV/mm)
Application temp.: 0 – 110°F (-17– 43°C)
Operating temp.: -50 – 120°F (-45– 49°C)
Saturant pour point: 115 – 125°F (46– 52°C)

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