MCO™ 110 Outerwrap

Moisture-cured resin impregnated into a fiberglass fabric for “hard shell” protection

MCO 110 Outerwrap on Pipes

MCO™ 110 outerwap is specially formulated to quickly provide a hard outer shell. The photo on the right shows MCO 110 outerwrap applied over Trenton’s Wax-Tape® HT-3000 high-temperature anticorrosion wrap. The combined wrap system provides both mechanical and anticorrosion protection.

Trenton MCO™ 110 outerwrap is used aboveground or below-ground as a mechanical protective wrap over Trenton Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wraps.

Trenton MCO™ 110 outerwrap is a specialized blend of quick-curing resins impregnated into a fiberglass fabric. It provides protection for coatings that need additional mechanical strength. MCO 110 outerwrap is applied by hand, with no special application tools needed. The MCO 110 outerwrap package includes gloves and Trenton MCO outerwrap end adhesive. If the wrap’s color fades due to UV exposure, MCO 110 can be painted. In especially challenging frost heave conditions, the area above and below the frost line can be wrapped three times for extra strength.


  • Quick and easy to apply, with minimal equipment requirements
  • Adds excellent field-applied mechanical protection to coatings that excel in anticorrosion protection, such as Trenton Wax-Tape anticorrosion wraps
  • Superior protection against soil stress and backfill
  • Can be applied in high-moisture conditions (because the resin is moisture-cured)
  • Provides a “hard-shell” coating that protects and can also be painted
  • High solids content with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Low odor
  • Quick cure time so it is ready for immediate backfill after application

Typical Applications:

  • Transitions from belowground to aboveground to protect against frost heave and powered weedcutters
  • Belowground installations- for mechanical protection against soil stress and rocky backfill
  • Bridge spans
  • Aboveground installations for mechanical protection over Trenton Wax-Tape #2 self- firming wrap and to provide a paintable surface

Application Procedures:

  • Apply any of Trenton’s Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wraps (or another coating that needs extra mechanical protection).
  • On horizontal pipe, start with a downward-facing strip and wrap Trenton MCOTM110 outerwrap onto the pipe in a spiral pattern, using a minimum 50% overlap. Use an 80% overlap when needed in high stress areas, such as transition pipe in clay soils. On a vertical pipe, start at the bottom and spiral up. When wrapping, apply only enough tension to prevent slack. The wrap can be repositioned to achieve a proper application.
  • Make sure MCO 110 outerwrap is extended out past the underlying coating on both ends for better anchoring.
  • When a roll ends, overlap the new roll over the previous roll with the beginning edge in a downward-facing direction. Wrap the outerwrap once around the pipe to anchor the new roll before resuming the spiral wrap.
  • At the end of the last roll, apply MCO outerwrap end adhesive to the existing layer before pressing down the end, in order to prevent possible unraveling before the outerwrap has cured.

Rolls are individually vacuum-packed in foil bags.
4″ x 4′ (10.16 cm x 1.22 m) roll, 1.33 sq ft (0.12 m2)
4″ x 12′ (10.16 cm x 3.66 m) roll, 4.0 sq ft (0.37 m2)
4″x 27′ (10.16 cm x 8.23 m) roll, 9.0 sq ft (0.84 m2)
6″ x 27′ (15.24 cm x 8.23 m) roll, 13.5 sq ft (1.25 m2)
9″ x 40′ (22.86 cm x 12.19 m) roll, 30.0 sq ft (2.78 m2)
NOTE: Alternative sizes may be available at an additional cost.


Color: Black
Thickness (when cured): 30 mil (.75 mm)
Surface operating temperature*: -29°F — 250°F
(-34°C — 121°C)
Cure to dry time at 70°F (21°C): 20 minutes
Impact resistance over Wax-Tape
#1 wrap @ 15 kV holiday detection**:
20 Joules

* If operating temperature exceeds Wax-Tape #1 wrap maximum of 120°F (49°C) or Wax-Tape #2 wrap maximum of 140°F (60°C), use Trenton Wax-Tape HT-3000 anticorrosion wrap under MCO 110 outerwrap.
** Test assumes 50% overlap

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