A highly durable primer for use on properly prepared carbon steel surfaces.

Induron has distilled the performance of thick-film ceramic epoxy liners into a thin-film primer – CeramaPrime. This innovative product boasts a 45-minute time-to-recoat, a one-year maximum recoat window and low moisture vapor permeability. This NSF-approved product mitigates undercutting corrosion, offers over four hours of pot life, cures hard enough for fabricators to stack steel plate in only seven hours and can be easily applied with standard airless spray equipment to both atmospheric and immersion exposure substrates. Ceramaprime also eliminates exposure to reactive metals and isocyanates. With this product, Induron has developed a champion that expands its existing ceramic epoxy technology by offering a primer that increases efficiency, worker safety and long-term performance.


As a highly durable primer on properly prepared carbon steel surfaces. This product may be topcoated with all Induron epoxy, urethane, acrylic siloxane and DTM acrylic finish coats.

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