Soot Blower Sealing

We offer the best, most reliable Soot Blower seal technology by Slade, combining carbon fiber reinforced graphite foil with composite bearing rings. Sealing soot blowers under the toughest service conditions for extended service life and equipment reliability. Tests have proven the extended life of Slade Soot Blower Packing Sets with minimal wear and less amperage – even in extreme conditions outside typical usage.

Self-Lubricating: Graphite Foil Sealing Rings lubricate by filling pits, pores, scratches & machine marks with a micro finish of graphite.

High Density: No voids to trap condensed steam. High density carbon fiber reinforced graphite foil prevents the formation of condensed steam pockets during cool-down which eliminates the destructive effect of rapidly expanding steam during heat-up.

Lubricated Bearing Support: The bearing surface formed by the graphite composite supports the feed tube when in cantilevered positions.

Deployment of Gland Stress: Deployed where it’s needed most! The graphite/alloy rings deploy gland stress where it is needed most, at the leading edge of the first seal ring.

Easy to Install: The rings are all made to easily fit the stuffing box geometry.

High Ductility: The high ductility of alloy rings provide better run-in at start up.

No Extrusion: The alloy/graphite bearing rings prevent extrusion of the packing rings. The confinement maintains structural & dimensional integrity.

Low Thermal Expansion: Reduces “sticktion”, low thermal expansion of the alloy/graphite composite protects the feed tube surfaces from unnecessary friction.

Sacrificial Bearing Surfaces: Make the sacrifice for you instead of your equipment.

Alloy/Graphite Composite Rings: Protects the feed tube surfaces to reduce wear, platelets of a Slade solid high temperature lubricant impale themselves on micro-jagged surfaces to prevent tearing of the packing sets.

More Wear Resistant: By combining alloy/graphite composite bearing rings with the latest in solid high temperature lubricants, the packing sets last longer.

…and so does your equipment!

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Sootblower Installation Instructions

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