Slade Lantern Rings & Spacer Bushings


Our Way-2-Seal eliminates the need for a lantern ring, reduces the amount of packing required, and lowers the amperage needed to run the pump.

This unique design transmits heat away from the shaft, forcing circulation into the cooler regions of the stuffing box, increasing dwell time, and thus lowering the overall operating temperature as well as reducing friction and wear.

How can the Way-2-Seal Solve Your Sealing Problems?

  • Cooling benefits reduce friction and wear
  • Excellent for slurry pump applications
  • Eliminates lantern rings and expensive machined bushings
  • Can be used in valves to shorten stuffing box and reduce the number of packing rings
  • Extremely simple installation
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 315째C/600째F
  • Lowers emissions in valve applications
  • Fits any size shaft or stuffing box
  • Resistant to the most abrasive mediums
  • Greatly reduces friction amperage draw
  • Takes advantage of “DELTA P” benefits
  • Runs flush-Free in non-abrasive mediums


Lantern ring way-2-seal Lantern Ring way 2 seal Lantern Ring way 2 seal

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