PVC Outerwrap

VISCOTAQ PVC Outer Wrap is a Heavy Duty PVC in the form of a roll. The tape is used as an Outer Wrap for the mechanical protection of VISCOTAQ products against soil stress, back fill procedures and other forms of mechanical impact. Moreover it gives a continuous external pressure to the VISCOTAQ corrosion preventive inner material and forces this material, together with eventual soil stress ,continuously to flow. VISCOTAQ PVC Outer Wrap is produced from a High Quality PVC with an excellent resistance to chemicals and is wrapped with a 50% overlap onto the VISCOTAQ corrosion preventive coating. The material is applied onto the substrate by hand or by means of a tape wrap machine.

ViscoTaq PVC Outer Wrap Corrosion Protection

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PVC Outerwrap Data Sheet

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• As a mechanical outer wrap up to surface temperatures of +85° C/+185° F
• Continuous operating temperature up to 85° C/+185° F
• Application temperature > +5° C/+41° F