PolySpec® 193, a high performance, 100% solids semi-rigid epoxy control joint filler, is formulated for applications requiring a combination of resiliency and tensile strength. Because of its high strength-to-flexibility ratio, it minimizes the spalling effects of forklifts and small hard wheel traffic on joint edges. PolySpec 193 is offered in two grades: Pourable (for horizontal surfaces) and Paste (non-sag for vertical and overhead surfaces).

Recommended Uses:

  • Warehouse floors & docks
  • Convention centers, exhibition halls & stadiums
  • Mechanical assembly bays with heavy foot and vehicular traffic
  • Vertical and overhead surfaces


  • Superior adhesion when compared to polyureas
  • Withstands steel wheel vehicular traffic
  • Flexible epoxy prevents age hardening
  • High resistance to penetration
  • Limits joint deflection
  • Protects control joints and saw cuts from deterioration
  • Inert micro-fibers serve as reinforcing bars that strengthen sealant even as it moves under load
Polyspec 193 Industrial Epoxy

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POLYSPEC® 193 Data Sheet

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