Pyro-Tex Woven Gasket Sheet

A resilient, compressed sheet… that works!

Ready to be cut for use in severe conditions.


  • Up to 4500 psi/310bar
  • Up to 1400°F/1000°C*
  • High equipment wear (scratches/pores)

* Contact your local B&W Distributors rep for application suggestions, especially for high pressures and temperatures (e.g., over 1000°F/538°C). As the operating temperature increases, the pressure limit of the gasket decreases.

Reinforced with Flat Metal

  • Individual graphite foil weaving yarn is reinforced with stainless steal strips
  • Yarns are then woven
  • Woven compressed gasket sheet is then rolled into cardboard tubes for shipment

Available in sizes as large as 80″ x 160″ sheets


  • Surface nodules promote flexibility and flow into oxidized surfaces & scratches, pores and steam cuts.
  • Flat metallic leaf springs, jacketed with graphite foil, make this 80″ x 80″ sheet the most resilient gasket you will need.
  • It takes physical abuse like no other graphite foil, handling and feeling like tough leather.
  • Pyro-Tex gasket sheet eliminates the need for a compressing ring to prevent crushing.
  • Layering of sheets allows for greater thicknesses.
  • Eliminates shipping pallets: Gasket Sheets individually packaged in 3″ cardboard tubes for easy storage.
  • Die cut or shears to shape, do NOT use circle cutters.
  • Available in sizes as large as 80″ x 160″ sheets.
  • Single sheet thickness: nominal 0.075″.


Leaf Springs

Stainless steel foil is encapsulated in a thick expanded graphite foil jacket. These metal reinforced graphite strands/weaving yarns, are woven into a tough, resilient cloth-like sheet. The flat metal leaf springs at the core of each strand crisscross each other throughout the cloth to impart an enduring resiliency. The woven sheets are compressed to increase density to form a leak tight gasket sheet.


Pyro Tex Woven Gasket sheet

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Gasket Types
  • Ring and Full Face
  • Diesel Exhaust Flange
  • Manifold
  • Turbine Crossover
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Nuclear Service


  • “Gasket Sizes”
    standard: 80” x 80”; 60” x 60”
    special: 80” x any length