HydroFlor Sealer GC

DuroFlor Lining

HydroFlor® Sealer GC is a breathable, zero VOC, epoxy floor primer, to be used in conjunction with Duromar’s HydroFlor epoxy floor coating. The Sealer is used to prevent outgassing during the application of HydroFlor. It has a unique breathable structure, which allows moisture vapor to escape from the concrete. The sealer is extremely easy to apply, requiring little or no surface profiling. It may also be applied to damp, clean concrete.


  • Zero VOC, no odor
  • 100x more breathable than a standard epoxy flooring system
  • Can be applied to green concrete as soon as 48 hours after concrete is poured
HydroFlor Sealer GC DuroFlor Lining Breathable Epoxy Floor

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HydroFlor Sealer GC Data Sheet

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