Why Industrial-Grade Epoxy Flooring Is The Perfect Solution For Food Businesses’ Floors?

Top Reasons For Choosing Epoxy Floor Coating

There’s no room for errors in the food and beverage industry. Unsafe food can be risky for public health and can affect the organization’s bottom line financially speaking. When it comes to health and safety, strict standards are crucial in food processing plants, and it all starts with the floor.

Industrial-grade epoxy flooring is the most used in the food industry for many reasons, including meeting industry guidelines for good hygiene practices. Before contacting a US Southwest industrial coating supplier, read below why epoxy flooring is the best solution for food businesses.

Why Industrial-Grade Epoxy Flooring Is The Perfect Solution For Food Businesses' Floors?

Why Is It Important To Choose a High-Quality Floor In A Food Processing Plant?

In the U.S., strict regulatory requirements are usual in many food processing plants, and for good reasons. The floor is included in those requirements, so it has to stand up in performance.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other food safety agencies ask for specific requirements in terms of flooring in food plants. In other words, you cannot use any type of floor if you own a food plant.

Uncoated concrete is suitable for some industrial plants. But, for manufacturing environments where food is involved, such as in cool rooms and food production plants, a proper protective floor is needed.

The protective floor must meet food agencies’ guidelines for good hygiene practices. They have to resist the difficult operating conditions in numerous food processing environments.

Protective floors must withstand spills, extreme temperatures, corrosion, heavy foot traffic, and more.

Any unsealed concrete floor won’t resist these conditions. They will fail with the tiniest crack, leading to contamination permeating the surface. This is alarming because it causes bacteria build-up and contaminates the food.

An Industrial-Grade Epoxy flooring from a US Southwest industrial epoxy distributor is usually the best solution for food plants.

Why Is Industrial-Grade Epoxy Flooring The Best Solution?

Food manufacturers prefer epoxy flooring because it offers many advantages. It is a seamless, non-porous floor that resists harsh chemicals, corrosive food acids, and spills. It also avoids penetration by bacteria and other contaminants. Plus, it is a long-lasting floor with a non-slip surface.

Unlike other flooring types, industrial-grade epoxy flooring is smooth. It doesn’t have gaps, grout lines, or seams, so germs and dirt cannot hide. This floor is easier to clean than other flooring types because you can see when it is dirty, and you don’t need many things to clean it.

Since the surface is non-porous, contaminants cannot penetrate. Epoxy flooring has a tough protective barrier that withstands corrosive acids, food spills, and even abrasive cleaning chemicals. The surface always remains impeccable, even after cleaning it with an acid cleaner.

Some operations in a food processing plant include powerful acids and alkalis. If the floor is not tough enough, these substances can cause damage to the surface. Nonetheless, that’s not a problem for the robust protective barrier of industrial-grade epoxy flooring.

The epoxy flooring will always work as long as it comes from a trusted US Southwest industrial coating supplier.

Industrial-Grade Epoxy Flooring Is Safe

Food safety is a priority when having an industrial food processing plant. However, the safety of personnel is also essential.

As we mentioned before, industrial-grade epoxy flooring is non-slip, so it is an excellent option for busy food processing facilities. Additionally, it is not difficult to install it, and you can add visible colored safety zones and customized line markings to it. Thanks to its slip resistance, it will offer a safer environment for workers. If you add customized line markings, it will also offer an aesthetic appeal to the floor.

Installing epoxy flooring is not difficult because it requires minimal downtime. Besides, you can decide the best finish for it depending on the particular environment.

Choosing a Trusted US Southwest Industrial Epoxy Distributor

With all the advantages we mentioned above, it’s not surprising to see why epoxy flooring is such a highly requested food-safe flooring product. If you have a food processing plant and you want the best advice on flooring options that meet all legislative sanitation and safety requirements, contact B&W Distributors.

B&W Distributors is the Western region’s premier authorized dealer for different industrial-grade floorings. Our company also offers the best industry solutions for your processing plan, including pipe rehabilitation and concrete repairs. We provide the highest quality of epoxy floor coatings so you can guarantee safety in your business.

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