MS-11 CZ

MS-11CZ Surface Primer is a low temperature curing, heavy duty, anti-corrosive modified epoxy primer which forms a tough abrasion resistant film that protects the substrate from salt and chemical attack. Additionally, MS-11CZ is a HAPS free primer which contains specially formulated zinc complexes which provide “State of the Art” cathodic protection against corrosion of steel decks on Navy vessels. This unique ability allows MS-11CZ to meet the extreme demands of a system in marine environments. MS-11CZ provides excellent protection of surfaces against aggressive and corrosive environments.

Recommended Uses:
MS-11CZ Surface Primer is specifically for priming steel surfaces and meets the low volatile organic compound requirements of California and NAVSEA air pollution guidelines.


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Color: Haze Gray
Unit Size: 1 Gallon, 3 Gallon