DUROMAR DUROFIL is a specially formulated 100% solids epoxy grout and rebuilding product for filling holes and rebuilding severely chemically attacked concrete floors and secondary containment areas. DUROFIL provides an excellent base for other DUROFLOR® products, such as CHEMCRETE, DF-4301, etc., where more acid resistance or a smoother finish is required. Features Click below to view the individual product data … Read More


DUROMAR DF-7310 is an elastomeric, easy to apply, 100% solids poly-sulfide based epoxy system. It is designed to provide excellent chemical resistance and exceptional adhesion in a flexible membrane that will bridge cracks in aging concrete. DF-7310 provides exceptional impact resistance, thermal shock resistance as well as abrasion resistance. It is ideally suited for secondary or primary containment over concrete. … Read More


DUROMAR DF-1310 is a general purpose epoxy floor coating with good low temperature curing characteristics, excellent flexibility and impact resistance, and good adhesion to damp concrete. Although not recommended for strong acids or solvent protection, it does, however, have good chemical resistance to dilute and mild inorganic acids as well as water, seawater and de-mineralized water. Click below to view … Read More


DUROMAR DF-1301 is a clear, 100% solids concrete sealer with a long working time. It is used primarily to seal the concrete prior to the application of additional topcoats and to restore the mechanical properties of old concrete. It can be cured at temperatures as low as 40º F and can be applied to damp concrete. Features Multifunctional epoxy with … Read More


DUROMAR DURO-STIK is an extremely fast curing putty material, packaged in a single tube for easy mixing and use. Ideal for storing in toolboxes to make quick repairs or to stop leaks in steel, aluminum, fiberglass or concrete. Features Click below to view the individual product data sheet: Questions? Call us for technical support, product information or help with any … Read More