CHLOR*RID can satisfy your most aggressive requirements – simply, safely and economically. It is effective on most surfaces, including steel, foam, concrete, and plastics.

CHLOR*RID has been used by private industry, for federal and state highway coating and cleaning projects, to wash concrete dams, tanks, bridges, and machinery, even in a microbiological lab.

When your specification requirements requires consistent, safe and reliable removal of soluble salt contamination, use CHLOR*RID.

Soluble salts, like chlorides, sulfates and nitrates, are found on surfaces everywhere. These soluble salts pull moisture from the air, causing protective coatings to fail. They can also be the cause of degradation of the substrate. Left unchecked, the salt contamination can corrode into deep pockets, making decontamination even more important and challenging. Lost productivity from protective coating failures is costly and can be hazardous.

Alternative methods are not as cost effective. Abrasive blasting often requires repeated blasting. Some abrasives contain salts and actually deposit trace amounts of soluble salts on the surfaces. Other methods require heat or use of hazardous chemicals. Some methods may leave residues that interfere with the adhesion of the protective coating, thus contributing to coating failure.


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