Chlor Rid

Canusa-CPS Pipeline Industry

Soluble salts, like chlorides and sulfates, are found on surfaces everywhere.  These soluble salts pull moisture from the air, causing protective coatings to fail.  They can also be the cause of degradation of the substrate.  Left unchecked, the surface contamination can corrode into deep pockets, making decontamination even more important and challenging.

Using ChlorRid during coating procedures reduces costly coating failures and corrosion rates!

Recommended for use on:

Bridge Structures, Ships, Mining Facilities, Storage Tanks, Public Utilities, Electronics, Offshore Drilling Rigs, Marine Structures, Process Equipment, Pulp & Paper Mills, Power Generation Plants, Natural Gas Facilities, Saw Mills, Petrochemical Installations, Piping, Cooling Towers, and more.


Canusa-CPS is a forerunner in developing and manufacturing of specialty pipeline coating products and systems to protect against corrosion of pipeline joints.