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Multi Metall Underwater Pipe Repair

Multi Metall

Pipe Repair

MultiMetall® UW is a two-component repair sysytem certified for repairs on wet or submerged metal. It can be combined with Hardener UW3 for the first coating when basic leaks need to be sealed, and with Hardener UW9 at hard-to-access repair sites.

With an extremely short curing time, it patches the leak and gets you back to production sooner.

It’s the perfect solution to repair underwater components, seal leaks and for systems under pressure. Can be processed at ambient temperatures as low as 0° C.

MultiMetall® UW is certified by “Lloyds Register of Shipping.”

MultiMetall® is a registered trademark of MultiMetall Reiner Schulze e.K.

Multi Metall Underwater Pipe Repair

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Application consistency: Pasty
Color after curing: Grey
Compressive strength (DIN ISO 604): 180 MPa (26100 psi)
Tensile strength: 75 MPa (10875 psi)
Bending strength (DIN 53452): 64 MPa (9280 psi)
Tensile shearing strength on steel: 27 MPa (3915 psi)
Brinell hardness (DIN 50351): 30
Specific passage resistance: 5.8 x 10 cm
Passage resistance: 6.78 x 10 cm
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion at: 25-45o C ~ 5,0 x 10 K
Pressure-tight up to: 150 bar (2175 psi)
Temperature resistance: -150° – 220° C
Corrosion: None
Electrochemical corrosion (DIN 50900): None
Machinability: with SiC-grinding plates or Diamond tools by dry cut
Density (mixed components): 2.75 g/cm